What We Do

The Consortium Leadership Foundation believes that if one person can affect change in their community it can cause a ripple effect that can benefit the nation at large. We just have to plant that seed and watch it grow.
The late Drs. Rudolph and Janette Hoston Harris believed in uplifting and educating our future leaders. They both sat on scholarship boards, worked with grassroots organizations, fundraised and worked with programs throughout the DC Metropolitan area. Dr. Janette Hoston Harris, a civil rights activist, educator and historian, believed in making the world better for the next generation. Because of their hard work and impact in several scholarships were named for them and are supported through this fund. In addition to those gifts, CLF provides financial assistance to several of our partner organizations to help with training, education and leadership aspects of their programs.

Who we help.

The Foundation primarily provides grant support to graduating high school Seniors and recent collegiate Graduates.

In the spirit of the late Dr. Janette Hoston Harris who created the Washington DC Hall of Fame which runs its own Leadership Academy and provides scholarships to DC students, we will partner with programs that encourage kids to believe in themselves and achieve success.
The CLF purpose is to assist students from underrepresented communities and challenged areas to have access to opportunities and be competitive in the entertainment industry and be able to have access to funds to higher education. The Foundation will provide financial support to individuals and programs that serve these communities.
CLF will train and empower collegiate and high school students through hands-on instructions, skills development and networking with the belief they will benefit society as a whole.

How we help.

The Consortium Leadership Foundation has three main programs the Harris Scholars Program, CLF Entertainment Industry Youth Leadership Summit and our YLS Institute.

Harris Scholars Program
The Harris Scholars Program was named for the late Drs. Rudolph and Janette Hoston Harris who believed in education, community service, and the enrichment of the lives of youth in the District of Columbia.

CLF provides financial support to local organizations to provide scholarships. Additionally, the program annually funds an HBCU based scholarship and the President’s Fund which are renewable collegiate scholarships.

Youth Leadership Summit
The CLF Entertainment Industry Youth Leadership Summit is a free program designed to provide an opportunity for underrepresented students interested in non-traditional fields of entertainment. During the summit, our goal is to help the students learn to develop a greater understanding of how the entertainment industry works, discuss the characteristics of leadership, and be prepared for what it takes to be successful in the entertainment industry.

With a combination of dynamic speakers and engaging interactive activities, YLS participants will gain understanding of how the industry works and learn about possible career paths in this exciting and ever-changing industry. The Summit is conducted semiannually in the Fall and Spring. To Register or for more information go to www.YLSInstitute.com

YLS Institute
The YLS Institute is a unique program that creates opportunities for participants to get practical experience in three areas, film/tv production, music production, and event production. YLS students have an opportunity to design, create, and execute an entertainment event project from start to finish. To be eligible to attend the Institute, you must have a certificate from the Youth Leadership Summit.

The Event will have a musical performance element, live stream production element, and be planned by the youth event production department. Mentors, along with technical professionals will work with the group to help plan and execute the event. Virtual team and group meetings will be held over a three to five-month period.

Where we help.

This list reflects a partial listing of groups, organizations, colleges and universities currently receiving and scheduled to benefit from this program.

Technical Design and Production Department – Duke Ellington High School

The Ivy Foundation


Washington DC Hall of Fame Society

Interested in a partnership with CLF or want to volunteer and become a mentor? Please contact us here.


If you can somehow think and dream of success in small steps, every time you make a step, every time you accomplish a small goal, it gives you confidence to go on from there.” 

John H. Johnson, Founder of the Johnson Publishing Company which brought us Ebony and Jet magazines

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